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*In case you missed this notice before scheduling your Essential Nails appointment please make sure we service your location.

Depending on your ZIP CODE we service the following areas of Arizona**SCOTTSDALE, TEMPE, BILTMORE, PARADISE VALLEY, and ARCADIA** which also may include a small travel fee.

*Important*: If your ZIP CODE is outside of our service area you may not receive a reply by our staff.

Please note: Essential Nails is a beauty and nail health focused service, and our Nail Technicians are NOT equipped to provide medical nail care. We are not a medical service and our staff do not have the ability to cut thick nails or treat fungus. Please let us know when we contact you to confirm services as we may not be able to accommodate your booking request.

We will send a text message soon (during business hours 8a-5p) to confirm all services you requested and schedule your appointment. Depending on availability we will attempt to accommodate the date and times you have selected; however, there may be occasions in which your day and time is not available. If that is the case, we will schedule an alternative day and/or time that works best for you.

Also, please review our “Common Questions” and “How it Works” section for any questions you may have.

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